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I've never followed girl groups too much but boy did T-ara have some good bops back then. I remember listening to this and I'm in pain a lot ages ago.

And Kara's Lupin has aged well?? I'm feeling very bitter old lady missing the days gg songs were catchy and had great progressions, I'd have the overused autotune over the rapping/talking/shouting in kid's voice shit producers are into now a thousand times.


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Hola queridos/as,
a partir de mañana (argfhgjdfgdh), este va a ser mi horario. Como podéis observar, a parte de estar lleno de asignaturas que suenan genial y luego resulta que son una mierda, deja poco tiempo para el ocio y esparcimiento, así que probablemente estaré menos aquí, y si no, echarme la bronca porque no debería estar aquí. Tampoco es que se vaya a notar mucho la diferencia, ya tenía esto abandonado sin excusa aparente...


and I'll come back with the wind from the north

I'm back in Spain, in a "oh, why do all good things come to an end!" mood, nostalgic much?

Oh please, help me get rid of those "arghdgfj please i want to go back!!!1" feelings,
tv series (urgent!!!!!!1), movies, books, (manga, anime, this guy who is very hot and you still don't know about him). Looks like I've been living in a bunker, and it was just Germany.

¡Ojo al dato!

HE DESCUBIERTO COMO HACER GIFS CON PHOTOSHOP!! (después de haber sido la más tonta del barrio durante siglos) Se me ha abierto un mundo de posibilidades, gentes, es increíble la de cosas que se puedes expresar con un gif. Y para estrenar mi recién adquirida habilidad (y que ayer me aburría mucho esperando a que mi madre se conectara al Skype),


(y de qué va a ser, pimpollos!)
Sólo para demostrar que no son gayers ni OT3 EN ABSOLUTO (ja!)

PD: Estoy pensando (casi decidido) en mudarme el próximo semestre, y me crea una ansiendad terrible pensar en buscar piso, mudanza, etc. etc. Necesito gifs, ¿vosotras no? GIFSGIFSGIFS, ñañañaa.

2009: Una odisea en Frankfurt

Arghsfghyfg, I was going to write a super cool post about what I learnt after 3 months living in Germany, but then I was 2 days in Frankfurt waiting for my plane to leave and decided 2 things: a) I hate snow, and b) that entry can wait, because sincerely, after 2 days in an airport, I deserve a couple of days with the brain off. I may switch it on soon, but don't promise anything.

Hallo, hallo, estoy en España!

In my nightmares, internet hasn't been invented yet.


And now you're probably wondering why the hell haven't I answered the last post's comments then. The shitty internet falls down every 2 minutes (arghfhbdhj), but OMG INTERNET! So: thanks for commenting, I still remember youuu! And the spammers (you know who you are), I hate you ¬¬ (but not really!)

Also, I was in my neighbour's hometown, with his grandma, good experience, now I can say I know how real Germany is. And I can only say: germans are strange people! (and they are totally drunk at 1 am, sad but true). Funny things.

Ach so, and film class! It's great, we discuss during the whole day about all kind of things, watch shorts, go to the cinema, and each one is are going to do a short. I wanna marry that class and have blond german children.

I feel so selfish, not commenting in any journal, only talking about myself. I'll check everything soon, promise! But now I have to do my Halloween costum, I wanna win the contest! I think I'll do a "The page cannot be found" costum. It's creepy.

Funny, funny.
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